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What does Nameservers do and how do Domain Nameservers change?

Posted by Admin on 05 10 2019. 0 Comments

As you know, any Internet users only need to have a domain name to access any website. Internet users have to send a request to access your website by typing your domain name in your browser to access your website.

That request goes to your domain registrar and there the nameservers of that domain are checked and then from the nameservers it shows that where your site’s DNS records are stored, that is, Nameservers are called servers which are called your DNS records Keep the store

Whenever you host your website on a server, your site has DNS records on that server and with the help of those DNS records, Internet users can access your site’s webpages and you can access the FTP account, webmail account.

So if you have purchased a domain name and web hosting from a different company then you first need to update the nameservers of that hosting company in your domain name’s settings where you will host your site.

Whenever you buy a hosting from a company, that company will send a confirmation mail to your email address, which contains the name servers along with your hosting information, as you can see in the image below.

How Do I Update Godaddy Domain Nameservers?

You have purchased the domain from any company, the process of changing all nameservers is almost the same. Now because most people buy a domain from GoDaddy, so here I am telling you to update domain nameservers on Godaddy.

Step 1: First of all, you log in to Godaddy’s site. After logged in, you will see the list of domains that you have purchased. Now click on the DNS button given to the domain nameservers you want to change.

  • Step 2: Now your DNS Management page will open. Click on the change button and select the custom option from the list of your new nameservers type and then enter the nameservers.
  • ns1.sastahosting.com
  • ns2.sastahosting.com

Step 3: After that, you have to click on the Save button, just click on it. Nameservers are updated to be at least 30 minutes and at most 24 hours and then after the help of these name servers, your domain starts pointing to your hosting company’s DNS records.

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